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innovative wedding invitations with imagination

First impressions are lasting ones. Why not make your first impression one that will be memorable. Set the tone for your upcoming wedding with an innovative, hip and new age invitation that will impress everyone! Imagitations can help you accomplish this.

Imagitations is a company producing innovative invitations with imagination on cd or dvd. Our main, but not only, area of focus is weddings. Imagitations's distinguishing characteristic is that these are not only invitations but keepsakes with pictures and all of the information a couple could possibly want to share with their guests. Some of this information includes registries with links to purchase gifts online easily, venue information and locations, links to hotels where your guests can instantly book a room, directions and maps, itineraries, hotspots around town in case your guests need to fill their time in between wedding events and an online rsvp that is stored in a database by the simple click of a button. We have created all of this to make both your life and your guests' lives easier.

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